Web Development

Creating pages that stick, development that makes sense.

Nowadays anyone can create a website, businesses are taking this route to get their ‘image’ online and to hopefully be found on the web. After they have gone through all the trouble to get a design created and live, some expect the phones to start ringing and the revenue to start climbing. This just simply isn’t realistic.

Our promise for you is to stay current finding out when Google, Yahoo! or MSN make changes to their service so we can adapt to what is happening to make sure we offer the best possible development techniques to benefit your website. Additionally, once the design and development stage is complete, we create our websites in such a way that you can go in and edit text, pictures, and styles easily to help your site stay current. No need to call us every time you need a text update – with our built in content management system, it’s a snap!

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Mobile Design

Content Management

Sometimes you need to update your website. Perhaps it’s pictures, links, or just a simple word adjustment, so now we have given you the ability to do so. Extremely simple to use, without having to call your web-developer. Contact us to get a free-preview today!

Mobile Development

People are using their mobile phones more often than ever to navigate through the web. Is your website accessible from the vast number of mobile devices out there? If you want to have the ability for your website to be noticed in the mobile world, we would be glad to work with you to solve this issue. Give it a try. Pick up your phone and enter your web address into your mobile browser–can you read and navigate your own website on your phone?

If not, let us know–we can get you started right away!

UPDATE: According to Google, mobile friendly websites rank higher in search engines.