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Are you looking for a custom web design, ecommerce management, app design? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Web Design & Services

No matter the size of website/app, complexity, security, management, we have you covered from idea to completion.


We like to help with the initial planning stage, even if your just 'thinking' about putting things together.

Web Design

Develop your product with some of the leading industry products to get you off the ground quickly and efficiently.

App Development

Design and create your mobile application, from wireframing to uploading to the app store.

Commerce Solutions

We have over 7+ years of expertise in setting up online stores, from small drop-shipping, subscription boxes, or general stores.

Managed Solutions

Online business management can be complicated and hard to understand, or perhaps you just wish someone would do it for you.


It is important to maintain your products. To help ensure the message is up-to-date, along with ensuring security.

About Our E-Commerce
& Website Design

Sticky Pages has been operating in Kelowna since 2006, establishing a reputable presence in the industry. Over the years, we have served a diverse clients, ranging from prominent corporations to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs across Canada, the United States, and Australia.

We prioritize a collaborative approach, actively engaging with them to foster continuous growth and success. Our goal is not merely to provide you with a finished product, but to establish a long-term partnership where we contribute to sustained success.

Diamond Web
Diamond Group
E-Commerce Web Solutions for WooCommerce in Kelowna
OTG Supply - Partner
Uno Gelato - Partner
HCS International - Partner
BCRA - Partner
Rykon Construction - partner
Township 7 - Partner

Why Choose Us?

We place great emphasis on actively listening to your needs and requirements, enabling us to meticulously identify and recommend the optimal solution that aligns perfectly with your goals.

We genuinely care for the success of your business, treating it with the same level of dedication and commitment as if it were our own. We invest ourselves in your company’s growth and are genuinely driven to assist you in reaching its fullest potential.

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Your Trusted Partners


A list of a few projects we have worked on over the years! Some websites have been setup from the ground up, others have been tweaked and modified. Every website is unique, and we are here to help you with each step!

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ecommerce website design creating engaging online stores

Ecommerce Website Design: Creating Engaging Online Stores

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