Have you ever wanted to have a blog? Business or Personal?

Has your business ever wanted to start blogging, and creating transparency to its consumers? It’s a great idea! Google really loves the content from blogs, they are constantly updated, they can receive customer feedback, and can even be integrated into your current website. Blogging whether it be personal or business is a great idea, we […]

What are the benefits of blogging?

Although blogging has been around for quite a few years now, it is still taking people a long time to tap into blog-o-sphere and realize its potential. One of the largest benefits to blogging is the ongoing conversation and fresh content being placed on your website. Search engines such as the obvious Google, Bing, and […]

Website analytics, understand your visitors!

The best part about having an online representation, is because you can find out what your potential customers are doing. If you currently don’t use website analytics on your website, it is like not having a door to your store. Make sure you use analytics to study and modify your website and tailor the information […]

Does your website attract consumers?

Make sure that your website is attractive to your consumer, is it easy to navigate, understand, are you able to gain leads to obtain recursive income?